Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why Warhawk Still Holds My Interest

So I've been playing Warhawk on the PS3 for a long time. A long, long time. I don't play it as much anymore as I used to, but every Monday night, I get back on.

So I started playing on April 14, 2008. Not as long as some people but in that time I've logged over 568 hours of playing time. Considering most games I put down after 15 hours, that is a real accomplishment.

I asked myself this morning, why do I still play? I mean it's not like I don't feel I got the value out of the game. And there's other things to hold my interests. I've gotten married, there's movies/shows I want to watch. I've got a job, and a shelf full of games I need to finish, so why do I dedicate so much time to this game.

Well, it boils down to two reasons. One is the people I play with. Every Monday I play MAXIMUMSoap with Heavy7666. He runs a server, and while my ping isn't always the best I always have fun.

The second reason is, I still haven't mastered the game but I can still play. Story based games won't let you proceed unless you get better or solve a particular puzzle. In Warhawk the team is a toss up, you could be on a really good team one round and a crappy one the next. Either way you improve your skills and make improvements and adjustments.

That all said, I do have other games and responsibilities taking my time now, so my playing time is reduced. I can't see myself getting much past the next rank. My skills in game are not improving like they used to (I've reached a plateau when it comes to my level) and I'm OK with that. The good times will continue for a while on MAXIMUMSoap, Mondays @ 9 PM Eastern.

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  1. Couldn't agree more on any level. I started MAXIMUMSOAP almost a year ago so that the [SOAP] Clan would have a regular sever that could be reliable and consistent. Unfortunately the [SOAP] Clan is very inactive but I love the Tag and the server has now become a welocme place for any Warhawk player to stop in and enjoy a laugh or two. I have no plans of stopping this server anytime soon. So if Warhawk has become alittle dry, or maybe your buddies are playing in servers that are questionable from a "LEGIT" level, Stop into Maximumsoap on Monday at 9pm ET .. also...

    Added Bonus taht Agent-Hotshot is there, so everyone can shot him even if your on his team ....(lol, He is my son)


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