Friday, June 3, 2011

Duke It Out

This game is rated MA. As such I will pull no punches while making jokes here. You don't want to read it? Tough, I know you will anyways.

Hail to the King

With 7 days till the international release and 11 days till the US release Duke is playable as a demo for people who've pre-ordered the game. And it is the same demo as described at various conferences, starting with the urinal scene.

Now if you do have access to the demo, make sure to check out the pictures of the cheer leaders when you first start, their uniforms appear to be painted on.


Same run and gun as always, duck and cover to recover health or in this case ego. The weapon selection appears to be fun, I played with a pistol, shotgun, rail gun, shrink ray and something called the devastator. Driving the truck and running down baddies was great, and I was impressed about how the AI would rush in groups.

Using the RPG was a little wonky, especially since the controls aren't really explained well, but that's OK. The NPC near the whiteboard was annoying, telling me how my Snoopy plan was "Just crazy enough to work." (Thank you Stephen Colbert.)

Oh and I have to say, one beer and Duke was weaving all over the place. I call BS on this. It should have been a bottle of whiskey, no way a single beer could do that to the King.


Everyone made a big deal about how the graphics were sub par. I think the graphics are perfect for this kind of game, you don't want photo realistic graphics this kind of thing (except for the photos in the game, which seem to be just fine.)


Getting drunk, running down people, pissing and shooting sound great for the next 11 days while I wait for the game to be released. Hell I might even play the demo again. Just to hold the multiple vaporware lifetime achievement award winner in my hands will make it worth every penny. Yes some times even vaporware does come true.
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