Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Game Review - Wii Fit Plus - A Party Game?

So I've been using Wii Fit since the day it came out in North America. Furthermore, when Wii Fit Plus came out I got a hold of that. (The guys at Best Buy didn't believe they could sell the game without the balance board, but that's a story for another blog post.)

One of the really cool features of Wii Fit Plus is the multiplayer mode. Once everyone has been lubricated with enough alcohol, the games are a blast. Especially the chicken flying, which is a good workout.

I've seen people convinced that the Wiimote was used, even though the game clearly said it is not. I've had people try to beat it without flapping their arms.

For those unaware, the chicken flight is your Mii character dressed up as a chicken trying to fly from platform to platform picking up extra time. You fly by flapping your arms. Small, fast flaps move your character a little bit or hover. Big slow flaps make you sore, I mean soar. If you run out of time, your total distance is your score. If you make it to the last platform, the time plus the ring you land in is your score.

It is a blast, to watch and to play. Just be careful that no one is too tipsy. They might fall off the board. And over all, it is a great workout.

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