Monday, November 23, 2009

Backing Up Your Game Saves

I'm starting over on Uncharted today. 0 treasures, no rewards. Why would I do this?

Well, I had unlocked crushing, and I secured every other medal in the game. Then I got a beta code, and installed it. The game was fun, till it crashed.

When it crashed, it corrupted the file system, and the backup to restore from. Now my BC PS3 is stuck in a reboot loop, trying to restore the file system.

This close to Black Friday, I figure I'll wait and upgrade the HD. In the mean time, I have to start over on my second PS3.

I lost my game saves for about a half dozen games. While that sucks, it's not nearly the number other people have. So I wanted to take this moment to remind you, back up your game saves. Do it today, right now. You never know when things will go bad.

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