Friday, December 3, 2010

Indie Games Winter Uprising

Indie Games Winter Uprising

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Ops - How to Own with Ballistic Knife

Clybouw shows us how it's done in Black Ops - How to Own with Ballistic Knife

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two Worlds II Trailer

Two Worlds II Trailer

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Black Ops - Zombies Solo Gameplay

Call of Duty: Black Ops is brought to the Zombification many of you know and love from World at War and it does not disappoint. Here is a first sneak peak into the solo gameplay of the co-op mode where you send Nazi zombies back to hell where they belong.

Black Ops Intro - It's a New Day

It’s a new day for Call of Duty fans worldwide this week as Treyarch brings out the title we’ve all been waiting for, Call of Duty: Black Ops. Will this game have what it takes to regain our hearts after many felt disappointed with Modern Warfare 2′s frustrations? In the following video you will get just a short taste of what the new cut-scene system is like in the game, in case you haven’t picked up your own copy yet.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Black Ops w/ Laser Cell Unboxed

Get it while it's hot! The unboxing of Call of Duty: Black Ops with Laser Cell Art bonus from Amazon pre-order. 100,000 lucky folks received this added incentive to pick up what is possibly the largest entertainment launch of all time (that's right bigger than MW2 most likely, though the numbers haven't had time to propagate just yet). If you enjoy this video, be ready for a massive influx of game-play footage soon to come from yours truly. You can stay tuned right here and enjoy it all!

Monday, November 8, 2010

(Gameplay Video) Fallout: New Vegas – Bustin’ Heads

Check out this Fallout: New Vegas video where a trophy is earned for discovery and some heads of young Cazadors are busted open. If you still haven't had a chance to see the game in action you will be able to see some of the level up perks and a look at the environment in this clip.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas Death Beam Archimedes II

Remember the Icarus weapon from Die Another Day in the 007 flick? Remember how you wished you had control over such a device? Don't worry we won't go there... we're sure you had your reasons, but if you own Fallout: New Vegas you just might get a chance at such a dark fantasy. Check out this gameplay video to get a taste of the sun weapon!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trophies for MGS4?? OH MY GOD!

Trophy Support Confirmed for Metal Gear Solid 4 Greatest Hits?

Guys, I need some one who is in the know at retailers to tell me if this is real or not please?

I need to know!!! And if any body has any clue, do you think they will update the existing versions too or what?

Wow, this is like the craziest thing I heard in a long time...

And I think it just BROKE twitter !!! LOL

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

(Gameplay Video) Ghouls in Space in Fallout: New Vegas

Ghouls in space! These ghouls met their maker yesterday, today they will try and make it to space with the help of your character. What is out there for them has yet to be discovered.

As an added bonus check out the gore-filled head-shot at the end!

Monday, November 1, 2010

(Gameplay Video) Ghouls Meet Their Maker in Fallout: New Vegas

Check out this gameplay video of Fallout: New Vegas where the ghouls are up to no good. Thinking like they are some aliens somehow and trying to leave Earth you will see how that plan goes when some one they took advantage of gets involved.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

PlayStation Move Will Only Cost Me $180, And I’m Buying All of It

PlayStation Move, what can we say about this device yet to release? Well if you have been following the news lately there is a lot to be said. The accuracy of this device is arguably the best ever seen in a motion gaming solution. Tech demos like THIS have brought us a peek into the future of what Move will bring but E3 2010 has also shown us what is already in the works such as Socom 4. Some things change, some things stay the same. E3 2010 opened eyes about motion gaming and brought new thoughts on the Move as people realized that this is not just another gimmick, including us.

I once had doubts about motion gaming being accurate and about its relevance to gaming, until I saw it add to gaming I had to assume this would just be another broken promise from a gaming giant over-stretching itself to try and cover every aspect of gaming technology they could. I was wrong, and the proof is in the pudding as they say. Move brought the heat and now I’m here to tell you why I have no issue putting down the big bucks to jump in.

First off, yes PlayStation Move kind of sneakily becomes a Trojan horse for gamers, starting off with an initial investment of just $50, for those of us who already have the PlayStation Eye camera, and about double that for those who do not. This seems quite reasonable and initially I defended the PlayStation Move’s accusers who told me “It will cost about $180″, at first I did not believe this or see it this way at all. The reason is because it will only cost that much if you want the maximum experience. You can very easily jump in for $50 if you already have the PS Eye, using your DualShock 3 in place of the Navigation controller and all. If you do not already have a PS Eye you are really behind as it is and will get plenty of value from it, but it turns out many folks slept on this webcam and do not own one yet.

PlayStation Move Sports Champion Gladiator

The full PlayStation Move experience (and when I say full I mean best) will require you to own two PS Move Motion controllers, one Navigation controller, a PS Eye, and you might as well grab the Sports Champions bundle for part of this if you are going all out because it’s about the same price if you don’t. Check out what we thought about Move after L.A. in this Life After E3 segment and that was eye opening to the before and after effect that Move’s perception had undergone.


Source: [DualShockers]

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Trip to Vienna (and back) Pt 2

This is part 2 of a 3 part series of gaming and entertainment on the go.

So last time I talked about flights and decision process for a hand held entertainment system. I didn't talk much about the system I settled on. So let's run down the features:
  • MP3 Player
  • Voice Note Recorder
  • Text File Reader (with text to speech)
  • FM Radio
  • Picture Viewer
  • Video Player
  • Native Apps
  • Emulators
You read that correctly, this little device emulates systems like:
  • Nintendo
  • Super Nintendo
  • Gameboy Color
  • Gameboy Advanced
  • Genesis
  • Neo Geo
  • CPS 1/2
While there are legal questions around ROMs, it certainly can serve as a cheap way to entertain yourself.

Did I mention this little device also has TV out? It can do NTSC and PAL (too bad my TV here doesn't have any RCA ports) so it should work just about anywhere in the world.

As for the video, I use MythTV to create iPod compatible videos. Those videos are completely compatible with the A320. This turns out be quite useful when sitting alone at a bar in a foreign country.

So the device has 4 gigabytes of internal storage and SDHC support so up to 64 gigabytes of extra storage. I happen to have an eight gigabyte SD card in it meaning a total of 12 gigabytes of storage. I was able to put on before leaving 17+ hrs of TV (all on the internal storage) and movies for another 20+ hrs of entertainment. I actually ran out of videos to add rather than space. As I said this is a powerful device.

I'll be finishing up this series of posts once I get back.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Trip to Vienna (and back) Pt 1

Note: This is part 1 of a 2 or 3 part series on gaming while on the go.

So I had over 20 hours of waiting, flying and layover time to kill when going to Vienna. On the way back, I'll have at least an extra hour.

First and foremost, do not fly Austrian Air international. I was in economy, near the back, and sitting back in my seat, my knees touched the seat in front of me. The have no order to their boarding, they just do all the rows at once, and worst of all, no personal air controls. I didn't know that was possible on a 767. On the plus side, the food was actually quite good.

So with this long flight in mind, I started looking at portable gaming devices. I mean I have my iPod and it is great, but ultimately with an iPod video, your gaming choices are limited. Not only that, but the games eat the battery.

So, I started my search with the Nintendo DS(i/lite/XL/etc.) Even at Walmart you're looking at $129 before games. Justifying $200+ on a new gaming system to the wife wasn't going to cut it. Besides, the battery life was too short and I couldn't find out if it charged via USB, so I started looking at a PSP.

I figured Sony has a reasonable console, and they extend via the PSP, maybe that's the ticket. What I found shocked me. The PSP with UMD $170. The PSP Go (which would be much cheaper for Sony to make) $250. And again the battery life just didn't stack up. I continued my hunt.

Looking at the iPod touch seemed promising, I could game on it, play music, play videos and finally upgrade this older iPod. But there is the issue that some of my docks, such as the wireless headphones or car integration kit may stop working. Besides, to cover all my music I was looking at a 64 GB device, so $400. Crap, that's even worse and I have to buy the games on top of that. Well, maybe an iPad. $700?!? I forgot they were that expensive.

So @thinkgeek announced a coupon and I went hunting on their site. I came up with two choices as a media solution, the A320 and the GP2X. Both can emulate older game systems, so if you look for the game images you can play older games, but there's a difference in price of ~$80. This appears to be a result of the touch screen and better CPU making the GP2X slightly more expensive. @ $100 I started looking real close at the A320.

At the time, if you read the descriptions it clearly stated the A320 came with a wall charger while the GP2X charged via USB. But the A320 had 8 hrs of battery life (big plus) and I downloaded the manual to see what they said about charging via USB. I was shocked to find out the manual said that the device didn't have a port for power, it always charged via USB. It seemed like too big of an oversight for ThinkGeek, they always make sure to get those kind of specs. So I asked @thinkgeek via twitter. Unfortunately, their A320 guy was out sick, so I just went for it. I bought the device with that hanging question.

Turns out the manual was correct, the device only charges via USB.

So in the two weeks since I got it I've played with it a lot, and then sent it though the ringer yesterday. So let's start with the good:
  • 4 GB of internal Storage
  • SDHC support via SD Mini (or SD Micro and a penny adapter from Amazon.)
  • Supports iPod video out of the box (at least the iPod videos I've made via MythTv, I highly recommend this weekend project to any and all geeks out there.)
The bad:
  • USB Charging Implementation
    • If the USB connection isn't just power, but includes D+ and D-, the device becomes a light and doesn't allow you to play.
      • There is one exception to this I've found. If you plug in after launching an emulator the emulator will keep going without causing any issues.
      • If you're not using an emulator, plugging in a USB connection will drop you out of your movie, e-book, etc.
  • Reset button
    • You need to use a paperclip to reset the device (which happens rarely).

The device held up well over the trip, and using my laptop's always on USB power port, I never ran out of juice. That said, if I had the right cable, the Air Canada flight could have charged it, there was a USB port on the touch screen entertainment system (for a keyboard) that would have worked perfectly.

I'll be adding scores and such to the last of these reviews.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thinking Outside The Xbox: Microsoft's Dilemma

Video games have come a long way since the days of Atari, Super Nintendo, and Sega Dreamcast. Every single aspect of the game experience has been enhanced incredibly with the ushering in of cutting-edge technology and epic artistic achievements. However, everything from the better visuals, to the improved realism and beyond has made the file size of games bigger and bigger! A trend is emerging that can be seen with games like Age of Conan. Being extremely large (between 32 and 50 gigabytes) is what helps these games take hi-definition gaming to the next level. The problem is games like this are well over Xbox 360’s DVD-9 gigabyte capacity. There are limited options for solving Microsoft Xbox 360’s file size dilemma, each with its own set of consequences.

There is no doubt that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has been a part of this advancement. This system was the first home console to support Hi-Definition in their games and also the first to dramatically increase the quality of online connectivity in gaming. However, video games are advancing beyond what the Xbox 360 can handle. Steadily the average file size of a game is growing. Developers have found themselves challenged and limited due to a major design decision Microsoft made building the system. The decision was to use DVD’s as a game medium as the original Xbox and PS2 do. Microsoft in fact had been working to develop a new Hi-Definition Video Disc (a.k.a. HD-DVD) and it was set to go head on against Sony’s Blu Ray Digital Video Disc (a.k.a. BluRay DVD). When Robin Harris’ article “Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD: game over” was written major players Blockbuster, Netflix, and various others were deciding the fate of the so called ‘format wars’ and deciding Blu Ray was the future, not HD-DVD (Zdnet Blogs 2007). This could have been avoided if Microsoft included HD-DVD as the major format for the Xbox 360 both games and movies. We will never know for sure but instead we can look at moving forward and look at their options.

Perhaps the most plausible and most immediate solution that comes to my mind is the hard drive solution. In a blog post on his website, Ryan Brotherton expresses his frustrations with installing an incredibly large game by inserting multiple DVD discs into his PC and waiting for them to copy all of their files to his hard drive ( 2008). Although this is not a very elegant solution, the Xbox 360 COULD possibly support these very same types of huge installs. Currently some games on the Xbox 360 use multiple discs that are played in progression, so you are only playing with one in at a time; however this limits the player to only playing in linear worlds. Installing multiple DVD’s worth of content onto a massive hard drive instead would dramatically increase the size of the world the player is in, therefore also opening up a much more engaging experience.

Another tangible solution to the file size dilemma facing this Next-Generation console is the use of Next-Generation DVD’s, either HD-DVD or Blu Ray. Many people have speculated that the Xbox 360 would obtain a Blu Ray license from Sony and get their own Blu Ray drive; however neither Sony nor Microsoft execs have confirmed this as anything other than a rumor ( 2008). It may never happen. So instead, let us analyze the other option on the table for the Xbox 360. So Microsoft invented HD-DVD, why not start putting 360 games on it? There is an add-on HD-DVD player for sale for the system but is it capable of supporting games? Chris Faylor’s review of the situation indicates that it currently does not ( 2008). However, there is no definitive proof currently available that it is or is not possible for Xbox 360 to play games on HD-DVD format.

My conclusion is that, Microsoft will probably never get Blu Ray. I believe that games will continue to grow in size. The option of using HD-DVD for gaming is unclear and I believe that this should be researched a lot more. The large install option proposes the challenge of getting gamers to buy MORE equipment for their Xbox 360, which makes me think it is an unwise path to follow. The best option for Microsoft right now is to try to revive HD-DVD, even if only to play video games on it.

Written by Jon Ireson 1/18/08

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

30 Days and 30 Nights: The Warhawk Rant

Thanks to Dylan Jobe (President of LightBox Interactive), and Sony, Warhawk got another boost giving all of us core players and people who just got on board a great reason to continue playing this awesome 3 year old game. Holding a 30day tournament 24/7 with official servers and not team or clan bases brackets made this crazy fun grueling environment come to life causing some good effects and of course even more bad ones. Leaving you the player with a true test of your $K!L and dedication while trying to land one of those top 50 spots even if not going for the prize but just the prestige of topping 50,000+entries.

Well after a full 30 calendar days of competition in this Warhawk tourney I felt the need to share my experience. When we started off on the quest to the great champion’s blade it was exciting everything seemed to be on point. Arch enemy clan members working together side by side to achieve the common goal I was in awe of the team work and the unselfish acts that were being displayed on the battlefield. Sadly as expected it didn't last but a week or so till the true colors most of the self proclaimed best players in this great game started to become clear. This being primarily a "CTF" capture the flag tourney for most players seems to turn into more of a "TDM" or "ZNS" and all three modes are going on in this one game at the same time. Sounds insane doesn't it, well it was. There were teams of people concentrating only on a few bases taking them back when the enemy moved on while others were just killing machines never stepping foot on the ground leaving the guys who are attempting to win the game for the team sitting ducks for even just one player to break through and stop the flag.

Well that’s all part of the game and it is expected to a certain degree. However some players seemed to be there only to disrupt the tournament game play and acquire negative points as a joke at the same time causing a multitude of problems for all involved. Here are a few of the scenarios that transpired, and I won't be mentioning any names you know who you are it's good enough for me that you get to read it .Some guys with teams of people 2, 3,or even 4 grabbing the flag carrying it as far as possible and tossing it to the one guy they were working for. All the time not helping the other carriers till they got taken out making sure that he ended up scoring as much as possible. Also same team tactics included letting the carriers die then 15 planes swoop down and try to dig up the flag with no dignity or honor.

Then you have the guys who are on both teams working together for the common goal of cheating not even fighting just standing next to each other moving back and forth why even bother doesn't look fun at all from the videos i have seen, dummies. Also another from the guys on both teams acting like they are playing for the team but just killing the flag carrier and not saving it so the clan member or friend trying to win the competition still has time to pick it up. I am not talking about the guys at the bottom of the list either. Then you’ve always got the loner guy who doesn’t matter whose team he is on he's going to get his. By driving behind you with the jeep till you get out and ambient warfare you scoop the flag from your dead body and run it in. They also tend to stop the carriers vehicle long enough for the other team to kill him then repeat. Follow that up with a bunch off friends that just play for 3 or 4 hours call their buddy give him his password and so on makes it really tough to compete.

In the beginning the atmosphere was great but slowly it got to the point of constant swearing name calling with some people who should be setting an example for the rest to follow are doing the exact opposite and fueling the fire.

After all people are we not trying to preserve our favorite game and improve it welcoming new players and befriending the veterans not hating all downgrading the quality of play for everyone included. Sounds kind of foolish when you think about it yet it still exists and for some it’s the only reason they play (retarded). Anyway the folks over at Sony have assured that they are going over all the stats, videos, their own as well as submitted, with the feeling that its going to take at least a week to take out the trash. "Cheers", unfortunately you know as well as I most will slip through the cracks being that there are so many of them. So this in mind I have a few ideas I think would limit the amount of cheating virtually making it impossible to bank so many unjust points and get rewarded while others work at it with good intentions and get swept aside.

To start I know it is way more work but only put the servers up in each time zone for X amount of hours limit the certain groups that thrive in empty servers with no competition or enemies for that matter. This will most certainly make the best players stand out with limited time to score points daily the servers will remain full for the duration of that time zone. Also it will make said servers easier to patrol for the moderators which should be overhauled at this point anyhow, great idea but just isn't working properly. 50,000 + people only 50 get the championship blade and a shirt for home which is great. What about the other 49,950 nothing this will not bring out the most people only the same people that you already have do the math. Something small, penny cost even, will double the roster along with strong advertisement in the right places and don't worry am talking $00 cost. In the end this game will begin to thrive again with all the new players ranking up telling their friends how great it is bringing a whole new group of sales for the lets say "Shh" new game in the works Oh yeah!

In conclusion the various forms of cheating coupled with the rude and ignorant comments affected the game play for the entire community .Some small changes could fix many headaches closing the gap on those who choose to take the low road improving the level of play reviving the disappointed players ushering in a whole new era.
All in all the tournament was a good could have been great with lets just say a little more...

Here is what the standings were looking like when we last saw them before they began to take out the trash:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Just Cause 2: Review


JUST CAUSE 2 (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC; M for Mature; $50-$60) is a third person shooter/sandbox game. You play Rico Rodriguez, a agent who has been contracted to kill an American agent named Tom Sheldon who stole top secret information and millions of dollars. He went dark while operating in Panau, a corrupt nation off the coast of Africa. To get the information you need about Sheldon , you go to work for 3 different gangs who are fighting against the oppressing government. In return they agree to keep you in the loop.

The game starts out with a series of 3 missions that set up the story line. After that, you are launched into free-play mode where your only goal is to cause chaos by destroying government property. Based on the chaos points you have earned, you unlock new missions. Missions include Stronghold Takeovers (where you claim new property from the government) Agency Missions (where you learn more about the man you are hunting) and Faction Missions (where you help the gangs revolt against the government).

The first thing I want to talk about is the map. The developers claim that it is over 400 sq. miles! You can find busy cities, green jungles, wide-open deserts, and snow-capped peaks. In total there are 386 locations, including military bases, small villages, and everything in between. At every location, there is government property to destroy, as well as items that you can pick up to unlock new items in the black market. Here is a video I shot giving a quick tour of the country:

With so much to explore, you are in need of transportation. But where ever you are, there is always a road nearby where you can hijack a car, truck or motorcycle. You could also grab a plane from a military airstrip or the Panau International Airport. But Just Cause 2 brings a new style to getting around. Rico always carries around a reloadable grappling hook and parachute. This allows you to perform a number of maneuvers. After jumping from a high surface, your character begins to "skydive". You can then open the parachute and coast safely to the ground. To reach something around you, just point and shoot the grappling hook. After it attaches, you are automatically drawn in. To get airborne, just open the parachute while being towed by the grappling hook. It also features the "duel hook" that allows you to attach to object together. Attach an enemy to a truck. Swing a car from a helicopter. Bolt a tank to the ground.

The controls are fairly good. Not the best I've ever seen, but far from the worst. It takes a while to get them down (and get a feel for the grappling hook). When I first started playing, I found switching weapons was a little difficult, but after a few hours it started to make sense.

The one thing I was disappointed in was the driving simulation. The cars seem very loose and will spin out at just a tap of the analog stick. It makes driving on a twisty road or running at high speeds from the cops fairly difficult.

Graphics are pretty good and operate in 720p. And while it's no Uncharted 2, it's enough to be able to enjoy, but not so much where it takes forever to load. There is not much image tearing, and the shadowing is accurate and precise. After looking at screenshots from both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, I have to say they looked almost identical. VideoGameZone did a side-by-side here.

The PlayStation 3 version allows you to record your gameplay and export it to your videos or upload it directly to YouTube from the game in 420p. The problem is you can't set a video description or add tag and it uploads the video as private.

The story line is decent, but I won't ruin it for you ;) . I will say that the voice acting is BAD.

Demos usually don't sell me on games, but I picked up Just Cause 2 after about 3 hours of the demo. It puts you on a 36 sq. mi. plot in the desert as well as a 30 min. time limit. Only the free-play mode is open, and you can drive and explore several military bases and villages.

The biggest problem I have come across is a horrible glitch where all civilians and civilian vehicles disappear. The only way to fix it is to start a new game. It has been reported widespread on both the PlayStation and Xbox (I couldn't find a PC claim, but I'd be willing to bet that this is simply because of the lower population of PC JC2 gamers compared to actual game consoles). When I contacted SQUARE ENIX about the problem they said that they "didn't have a customer service available for Just Cause 2." There is no word on a patch, and even with a patch, you may have to start a new game to be able to see civilians again. I'd also like to point out that I didn't receive an e-mail from them after submitting a ticket (like they promised) and their phone number is not listed on their website or the game case/manual.

Overall, it's a great game and earns an 89/100. I would highly recommend this game.


Friday, April 2, 2010

It Only Does...

Sony has been making a big deal with their "It only does everything campaign". Today I want to examine some of the PS3 won't do. So not only does it not do everything, it does less today than last week, last year, and since launch.
  • PS2 - Nope. First there was full hardware based backwards compatibility. Sony removed that and said, well most games will play using software based backwards compatibility. Then Sony removed that feature. WTF? I mean they have the software, yes they would have to maintain it and fix bugs, but don't they have to do that anyways with the PS1 games they support via PSN?
  • SACD - Think of this as a CD in DVD form to get much higher quality. Adoption is low, so Sony just killed PS3 support for it.
  • Other OS - The most recent change to date.
Here's the thing. With the first change, backwards compatibility, consumers were informed that this feature was not present. In fact, I have a launch 60 GB for this reason. As for the other two, taking away features that a console had, this seems just plain wrong.

Sony sites security concerns. This is using fear, uncertainty and doubt to have consumers just accept the change. It is crap. The console has been hacked. You cannot undo that. It only took over 3 years to do it and hardware modification. I hear people say, well it is about pirated game. Bull.

The BluRay disc it self could be copied, why not disable the BluRay drives? Furthermore, someone could download a hack, so why not pull the web browser as well. Oh and what if someone finds an open port they can exploit, should Sony remove WiFi and Ethernet support?

I'm pissed off. I was hoping this was simply an Aprils Fools joke. Looks like I'm a fool for believing Sony wouldn't renege on their promises. They held out all of 222 days after having a rep say that. Now I know reps can be miss informed, but I would have expected a retraction much earlier.

Telling me, I can either use Other OS or play BluRay but not both is simply not acceptable.

Especially when your tag line is, "It only does everything."

Friday, March 26, 2010

Warhawk Tournament

Earlier today, Dylan Jobe, president of Lightbox Interactive (and former member of Incognito Entertainment, developers of Warhawk), announced a new tournament on the PlayStation Blog.

In Dylan's post he said "Many of us here in the States have been spending way too much time staring at our brackets so we’re opting not to do a traditional 'bracketed' tournament based on teams or clans. Instead, we’re going to make this competition more accommodating of the individual player by hosting special Capture the Flag Servers that players can join and play on. These servers will have their stats tracked separately for the duration of the competition, specifically Points earned ...  [and] the top 50 players that have earned the most Points on these designated servers will win the competition."

Now, this tournament is obviously designed to get players to return to Warhawk, so that the announcement of Dylan's next project (unofficially named 'Starhawk') will reach more people. 

But so far it doesn't appear to be working.

Many people are disappointed. Several years ago the Global Gaming League hosted an Official tournament, and everyone on the winning team was rewarded with a "champions blade."

This competition will end much the same. The winners will receive a champions blade (exactly like the 2007 GGL one) ManlyMisfit, a Warhawk General who has been playing for some time, said "Umm… I already have a champions blade… This 'tournament' is a good idea. But you SHOULD NOT give out the champions blade again. Simply because the majority of people WITH a champions blade would come back to warhawk IF the prize was worth it."

Another user, chemicalgroom, voiced his opinion, saying "Count me among the disappointed. It’s a team-based game; having a tournament that rewards individuals with the most points on an aggregate basis simply encourages video-game addicted lunatics to do whatever they can to steal kills and flag captures from teammates." Then he continues " Your no.1 player will be a well-known racist and homophobe who plays 24/7 and exploits a known glitch that you never fixed. Will you have your picture taken with him, Dylan?"

What really needs to be with this game is a patch. This game is full of glitches, and if fixed, many players would race back. Dylan has claimed in the past that Sony is in control of whether they can release a patch, and that they have denied them several times.

To me, this tournament seems to be a poorly constructed advertising technique that rewards players that live in their mother's basement and cheat  play for 20+ hours a day.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Game Review - Battlefield Bad Company 2 - 2nd Review and Tips

So I've been playing Battlefield Bad Company 2. I've spent more than 24 hours online and started though the single player mode.

This is a long post and covers lots of different aspects. In an effort to combat the simple tl;dr, this post is split up into several different sections, so here's the TOC:
Multi-player Review - The Bad
Multi-player Review - The Good
Multi-player Review - Overall
Multi-player Tips
Single Player Review - The Bad
Single Player Review - The Good
Single Player Review - Overall

Multi-player Review:

The Bad

In less than 24 hours of online play I've unlocked all the vehicle and recon upgrades, which is sad. While it encourages play in other classes, those other classes start off pretty bad. Take for example the medic: you start out with a light machine gun and a pistol. Add in a grenade and knife you're good to go. Except, you're a medic, how do you heal someone without a med kit?

Once you actually unlock the med kit, advancing in the medic class is easier, but it is just a little weird. What would have been better is to start everyone off as assault and then unlock classes. X number of long range hits, you unlock the sniper class. Y number of savior kills (killing an enemy who's shooting at a team member) you can be a medic. Z number of blown up vehicles, you should be a grease monkey. This would have made a lot more sense then a medic who can't heal.

While it is unlikely that a game developer will be reading this post, I still want to put out this proposal, if you're going to have to unlock weapons, Why not unlocking classes as well based on performance? Help guide the player to where they can do the most good for their team.

Also, from time to time I'll encounter a glitch or two, such as I had a reverse repair gun for a while yesterday. I couldn't repair an empty tank, but I should as hell could tear it apart.

The Good

Despite my previous reservations with the game, as it turns out the multiplayer isn't a knocked out in a weekend. It really takes some skill and practice to get good. While sometimes your team just steamrolls the competition, more often than not the battles are well balanced. I mean my best game to date is one where as defenders, we lost.

I also learned something, you can get a road kill with the UAV. That was a learning experience.


The multi-player aspect has some real replay value. It may seem easy, but there's some real effort needed to become a well rounded player in game. When you start getting good with one class there's another to try.


First, I cannot stress enough using the select button to highlight enemies. Especially as a recon, that is your job. Spotting enemies gets you points when they are killed as well as gives your team a chance to react. Don't be a douche and try to get the kill without spotting, spot first then shoot.

Stay with your vehicle. Until it blows up. Not kidding about this one as well. I can't count the number of times I've seen a tank run up the enemy base, and then everyone jumps out since it is damaged. Why not put a bow on the gift at that point? 1 engineer with a repair gun and you've just handed the enemy team a shiny new tank.

While we're talking about vehicles, take them when they spawn. If you leave a vehicle at your spawn, the enemy will take it if you don't.

Get behind the enemy force. Especially important for recon, with expanded ammo packs. A single recon behind enemy lines can cause havoc.

Spawn on your team mate behind enemy lines.

Give the recon some ammo. 2 "motion mines" isn't a lot. The can be the difference between win and lose in a close game. Spawn on your snipers and drop off a crate.

Oh and about spawning on snipers, if you spawn on a sniper who's in a nest, get away. You're drawing attention to them and going to get them killed.

Single Player Mode

The Bad

My biggest complaint so far with multiplayer mode is the trigger based story line. For example there's a scene where you have two guard towers and 3 guys standing around. The game instructions is to jump down follow the river and take the towers and such out from the side. That seemed like a piss poor idea to me, so I took out both towers with single shots and then the 3 guys on the ground. Quick, so there wasn't anything to worry about.

There's no movement, nothing. As soon as I hit the river, people start spawning out the banks. WTF? Even if I took everyone out, why weren't they camped out down there? I much prefer an Uncharted like approach to the baddies, it allows me to choose the style of combat rather than have it forced upon me. Is that really too much to ask?

Additionally, there's some glitches in the dialog from time to time. These same glitches appear to affect multi-player as well.

Finally, I keep trying to spot people in the single player mode. Yeah, that doesn't work so well. I use spotting in multi-player all the time and having it in single player would certainly help in identifying enemies.

The Good

The game play is smooth and the story line is interesting. It's fun and shouldn't be too bad to complete on any level of play. It also appears to be reasonably long, could be knocked out in a weekend.


Despite the glitches and slightly different controls, the single player is fun and interesting. Worth playing though once at the very least.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - First Impressions

I have a headache this morning. That headache is left over from last night.

That headache is from too much BFBC2. Now let me say I've played through the first couple missions of the single player mode, so this will focus mainly on the multi-player mode.

And really, the online play is what drove me to buy this game. First let me say the demo and the game are different beasts. The medic doesn't start with a defibrillator or medpack. The engineer can't repair anything. The infantry can't restock anyone. At least not until you unlock those items for each class. This is not like the demo at all.

Also, it seems the point values are too low. 34,000 points to get the ultimate sniper rifle? In just a couple of hours I had 7,000 points. Within a few days it should be possible to unlock the sniper completely. A far cry from the determination that games like Warhawk demand to make general.

That said, the game controls are tight and it is a lot of fun. I played on my own some, then with an online friend, and meant to quit. I didn't and played for a while longer on my own again. I have the 15 sets of dog tags to prove it too.

I love the dog tags, great to know who fell into your knife range. To my victims, well enjoy the respawn screen.

The game play was enjoyable, but in looking at the leader board, more than a few game shops must have broken the embargo. As of 10 PM PST last night one of the top players had 36 hours in game. To do that, there has to be at least enough players to start a game so WTF? I would expect the game developers to reset the stats just at release time. How does one spend 36 hours online playing with multiple other people when the game was released less than 24 hours before?

Oh and, there's this note inside the box that early adopters (before April 1st, 2010) who buy the game will get two free maps on the first day and free access to maps later on. At first I thought this meant I had to go to the online "store" in the game to get these updates. Turns out I didn't have to download a thing, they are already included.

On my wish list, I would put a training or play alone mode to get used to things like the helicopters and such. I haven't figured out a way to do this yet. Also, if there were more specialty items (such as the repair wrench) per class, that would be awesome.

So bottom line, is the game worth the money? Yes, if you don't let the leader board thing bother you.

As for single player mode, I've still got to play that. The online game is just too much fun.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

24 Hrs Without PSN

So by the comments you'd think Sony sent a representative to kill someone's grandmother.

"I hope Sony gets sued to absolute oblivion over this."
- (salty language, beware)
Really? Good ol' American entitlement there. Yes, some games were not playable for almost 24 hours. Oh the horror. You might have to talk with your parents or see the sun. And you should have seen how upset people were getting that they might be missing a trophy or two.

"I don’t even care if they offered me a slim to replace my old one. I want my trophies back and thats[sic] all I care about.
Far as I’m concerened[sic]: if they can’t get me my trophies back they’ve lost a customer for life, and I’m taking as many people with me as possible. It’s harsh, but I’m speaking the truth."

Am I the only one who feels this is a slight over reaction? Being the first product to ever show a bug like this, I'm sure no one has ever had to cope in the past. Some people resorted to removing the internal battery, something I strongly recommend against.

The spectacle was fun to watch as I worked through the day. And then, the problem day passes and everyone is happy again, well almost.

Now I'll say, this is an inexcusable error by the PlayStation team, and this will definitely be a learning experience. Just think about the online sales? No PSN means no store. That said, the fan reactions are just as inexcusable. 24 hours without one game console. If that represents a life changing event, you probably should seek help.

The Ctrl-Alt-Delete comic is reproduced with permission from the author.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Is Your PS3 Borked Too?

So, not playing too much PS3 right now. Like a vast majority, I'm getting an error on log in.

Since this appears to be related to internal time tracking and leap years, I'm going to diverge a little bit and discuss the strangeness of our calendar.

For example, everyone knows that every 4 years is a leap year. This is a LIE. In truth, the rule is more complex but not too much more. Here's how the rules work.
  • If the year is evenly divisible by 400, it is a leap year
  • If the year is evenly divisible by 100, it is not a leap year
  • If the year is evenly divisible by 4, it is a leap year.
  • It isn't a leap year.
Now I know the math inclined are going, but wait a minute, 400 is evenly divisible by 100, and 100 is evenly divisible by 4. Yes, that's true, but the first match wins of the rules.

Yes, this means that 2100 will not be a leap year. Look it up for your self, if you don't believe me.

So what the heck does this have to do with the PS3 issue? Well without trying to excuse Sony for this bug, I'm trying to show the day/time rules we live by are a little, well, insane.

It does seem likely that this is a leap year bug. Understandable? Yes, given the date/time rules we have, but excusable? Not on your life.

This is one of the specific cases that should be tested for. And while some people claim, "this is the first even non-leap year since the launch" well that's true. The launch was on November 11, 2006. If you're trying to say that Sony wasn't testing the hardware February of 2006, you're just plain nuts. I guess it is just a game of wait and see right now.

Reality. Worst game ever.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Forecast Calls for Heavy Rain

So for the last several weeks, I've been hiding in a cave. No, not literally, but metaphorically, I've been avoiding gaming sites and other such news.

Only coming out the play a little BFBC2 Demo or Warhawk, I've been just hiding out while I waited for the storm. It finally came yesterday, traveling at an average speed of 142.61 mph, it finally blew in yesterday.

Of course I'm talking about my copy of Heavy Rain. Here at Full Frontal Gaming, we don't get to review games before they come out, so you'll have to excuse our lag. That said, from just the first few hours, it became clear that this game is a must own.

Starting off with first impressions. The UPS guy delivered the game to my office. I was there to pick it up as it came in the door. I ripped open the yellow envelope and protective plastic covering to reveal this jewel. I opened it up to find a small square of paper, pre-printed and the instruction manual.

Spending the next 4 hours concentrating on work, was a Herculean task. Some how I marched on and finally, it was time to go home. The wife was out so I popped the disc in. Immediately there was an update to the game, version 1.01. It downloaded and installed in just a few seconds. Then came the install onto the hard drive. 4 GBs of space needed. The install seemed slow to me. I'm sure you guys are aware there's several different speeds of USB, 1.0 1.1 and 2.0. Most devices these days support USB 2.0. Using raw speed, one can in theory transfer 4 GB in approximately 70 seconds. Also considering that a BluRay disc is 50 GB, it certainly should have USB 2.0 speeds right?

Well, my dear reader, do not fret too much. Quantic Dream has taken care of you. Remember that square in the case. Well, during the install you get to do some origami yourself. Best use of a prop to distract the user from install time I've ever seen.

Due to a small emergency I couldn't finish my figure before the game finished installing. That said, it left up the instructions and I now have the bird shown above.

So the game then gives several different levels. It took me a couple of looks to figure out basically it is easy, medium and hard, since they didn't call it that.

After selecting your level, you get to play some with the controls. Let's just say, leaving the door open as you use the bathroom, such a guy thing. The most impressive parts of this open sequence include the juggling and drawing pieces. Not only did it look good, it really felt like I was helping draw up the plans for a new house. The only thing I'd note it there's sometimes very little warning before a task must be done gently (meaning slowly). The camera angles can be problematic sometimes, but nothing your typical gamer can't handle. I only ended up walking in circles once or twice. Especially problematic was the mall scene, where not only did you have these camera transitions but you are trying to push through a crowd.

And while I'm talking about the crowed mall, I've got to say, it really did feel crowded. It is kind of like Assassin's Creed in that respect. You really did have to shove your way through as you ran through the mall.

Without giving too much more away, I'll say there's a possible fight scene early on. Yes it was mostly quick time events, but they made sense usually (though only after you saw what the result was). Additionally the character thoughts add new depth to the game.

So I'm just starting, not anywhere near done with the game. There's been reports of finishing it in approximately 9 hours. With so many different endings though, this could be a very long game.

Once I finish the game, I'll post a full review, but as first impressions go, this game (if you can even call it that) is awe inspiring and awesome.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Avoiding Heavy Rain Spoilers - *SPOILER FREE*

So I'm convinced that Heavy Rain will be an awesome game. So much so I actually pre-ordered the game, something I don't normally do. With approximately 13 days to go until I have the game in hand, avoiding spoilers is a little harder than normal.

First there's the Demo. While I'd love to get my hands on the game early, the demo has to give away some of the story. Even if it is just the first chapter, it would only drive me nuts later on.

Second, the trophy list. Almost all the trophies for this game are hidden trophies. Why? Well the trophies are based on the story line. Thus the trophy list its self is a spoiler, once it is populated.

So if you're like me and want to enjoy the entire story line, I'd strongly recommend skipping the demo/trophy list. Remember, what is seen cannot be unseen.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Demo Review - Battle Field Bad Company 2

Finally, I can tell you why Battle Field Bad Company 2 is a must have game.

Is this because EA finally realized that the little gaming blogs matter? In a word, No. Is this because DICE feels that a Full Frontal Gaming review is needed to boost sales? Wrong again. Is this because the demo came out and I can base the entire post on that demo? Bingo.


I don't know about you but for me this is my first stop whenever playing a new game. Too many games have bitten me with things like inverted x/y look and stupid default control placement. Note to game developers: Would you please, for the love of god and country, allow players to place commands on buttons rather than forcing a particular layout or set of layouts? I know you think you know what we want, but really, I may want to use a different button than L3 to crouch, or circle to enter/exit a vehicle.

From the demo there's basically 4 layouts for ground combat, 4 layouts for air combat and 4 layouts for vehicles. If you don't like the layouts, tough. That said, the layouts seem to work and getting used to them isn't a problem.

Game Play

The multiplayer experience is very good. You get points for protecting/attacking objectives and more for helping your squad. And as mentioned on here before, most elements can be destroyed in the game. I say most not all which at first seems to detract from the game (it certainly detracts from the realism); however, there are elements which you cannot destroy for good reason. Take for example the objectives. If you can get a tank close enough, forget planting a bomb you can just blow the objective up. That said, if the attackers could just drive over the objectives it would make for a very boring and predictable game. As a result some pillars and other game elements cannot be destroyed.

Speaking of predictability, there's one thing that's bothered me. I have no insight into which game I'm joining. Once you start playing, you could be on the losing team. The game doesn't seem to balance the teams out so sometimes you just have to leave.

Speaking of leaving, I found it really hard to actually quit a game. Let's say you join and you're the attacker. When the game is over, you play the same map again as the defender. And the intermissions are short, with lots of stats to look at. You can easily spend a couple of hours without ever realizing it.


Nice and crisp. You'll hear things differently if you're indoors compared to out doors, and proper language for the team you're on. I hope you speak Russian. (I think. I don't speak the language.) It would be nice though, to talk to your whole team from time to time.


Good. While there may be a glitch or two from time to time (like a tree that's floating in air) it works. Oh did I mention, shooting at the trunk of a tree with a sniper rifle can take it down? Good to know if you need to clear out the cover the other team is hiding behind.


This game is a must buy before you add in the single player mode. It'll be a contender this year for sure. I recommend your local Mom and Pop game shop first, but if that's not around, Amazon is a good choice.


  • Explosions - Yes
  • Controls - 8/10 (More layouts/custom layouts would be good)
  • Game Play - 10/10
  • Audio - 10/10
  • Visuals - 8/10
  • Rating - 9/10
  • Get the Demo - Yes.
  • Get the Game - Yes.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

WTF - Suing Over Game Points

So last week I ran across this article. Yes I know this is America, where in some cases the right to sue is considered more sacred then freedom, but seriously WTF?

For those who haven't read the article, it breaks down like this. Guy buys Microsoft points for downloading games/media. Guy uses points but has extra left over. Guy cries fowl over the extra points which number too few to buy anything else.

I'm sorry, has this person been living in a cave? Or more likely, is he just trying to get a quick buck? Take the average video arcade for example. You put a dollar in and you get 4 tokens. Those tokens aren't worth jack outside of the arcade. You won't get your money back. So you try to maximize your enjoyment with the tokens you have. Demanding your money back for unused tokens will likely get you laughed out of the arcade.

Similar systems are in place everywhere. For example gift cards, if this guy actually gets Microsoft to pay, why shouldn't he go after Visa for left over money on gift cards?

And before you say, well it is Microsoft, they have plenty of money, think about it for a minute. If all the consoles have to re-engineer their stores (because this is standard across the consoles) then the money for the developers has to come from somewhere. That likely means an increase in prices for downloadable games. I've always believed the price on downloadable games is too high, as there's no media, manual, or shipping costs, but this gives companies the justification to raise prices.

Once again, this is just funding lawyers in order to get something from a big company. It is fraud, and it should not be tolerated. Gift certificates and other systems just like this have existed my whole life, I don't have trouble reading and understanding the fine print. Downloadable games on consoles is in it's infancy and lawsuits such as this will hurt all gamers.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

MAG Review by Hitman0769 and Hayabusaman

MAG Review by Hitman0769 and Hayabusaman

*This review contains 3 parts: In-Depth Editorial Review, Itemized Breakdown Review, and Review Scores Summary.*

In-Depth Editorial Review:

People said it couldn’t be done, it wouldn’t ever release, but January 26, 2010 Zipper Interactive released MAG the 256 person online Squad-Based Tactical First Person Shooter. MAG’s overall size is pure madness! It’s backed by the best possible scenario a dedicated server system of structured servers that make intelligent decisions relaying info to each player’s fixed bandwidth. The weapon fire is accurate, power balance and damage play out 100 times better than Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 in every way. You will find none of the common balance issues, gameplay glitches, camping problems, spawn killing issues, etc. that plague some of today’s more popular shooters. (I will break down how the detail of the game stacks up side by side to Modern Warfare 2 a couple times in this review since it is a recent release which sold over 11 million copies in its first week, and many gamers can relate on the online tendencies of the game.)

The major difference in the game is that it hosts battles up to 128vs128 (on squads of 8). While some people have misunderstood this to mean it is actually 8 players online, that is not the case. Others have expected small maps stuffed full of players. Thankfully the game is neither of these and instead the maps are massive and game modes have you interacting and working together with the other 8-man squads on your team constantly. Whether one squad is providing cover fire, destroying Anti-Air cannons, the other squad might be rushing a gate and need cover fire from that squad. The leaders of squads, platoons, etc can jump in and out of exclusive leadership chats with the press of a quick and convenient controller macro. And there is also proximity chat with all your teammates. Quick and precise communication is key as every microsecond counts!

MAG provides a full function clan system allowing larger groups of players with more control disbursed through multiple leaders. The in-game integration of PSN features like sending a message, adding friends, sending clan invites, and party invites are completely integrated into the score board and player profile links and make using these features during the heat of battle easier then ever. One problem found in the game causing pains is the fact that you cannot join any faction but the original one you started the game with (Example: Raven, SVER, Valor). This splits up everyone in your clan that doesn’t want to start over and conform to one team. However, a simple solution : the game is good enough to make 3 PlayStation Network accounts allowing you to have a character on each team and giving your clan members the choice of which team they would like to be. This is optional solution for more advanced gamers and many would argue this takes too much time for them, however the game is so addicting and satisfying to play that it really only adds to the experience playing as all 3 PMC’s (Private Military Companies).

What is MW2’s clan system? Oh yeah! You change your clan tag by typing in whatever you want Johnny on the spot, and people you recruit have to ask you who your members are since there is no list. Two thumbs DOWN!!!

MAG actually offers you a ride to your destination; whether it is APC driven with cannon or the .50 cal at least you are getting a ride. Also if you get rid of the enemy’s anti-air defense you can ride in with the dual .50 cal chopper into enemy territory. Both the APC and Chopper are also used as mobile spawn points so you can choose where to spawn to help your teammates out. There is even parachute deployment in the game, which works out great for snipers getting to those hard to reach places!

Tactically speaking, this game makes sense. Take Acquisition mode for example, if you are going to get the vehicles you have to plant charges and take down gates, bunkers, and roadblocks to get to the destination that you are going to, and in the mean time these can be repaired by repair tools in the hands of enemies. The multiple squads have to coordinate and work together to achieve objectives and not always in an obvious order. A good squad leader must probe the weaknesses of the other team’s strategy and cannot simply win by running in and shooting or sitting around and camping like many other games. Furthermore, the ability to get shot from much farther away then most games puts the intensity level of your actions to maximum. Every move you make on the battlefield is crucial to your fate on it.

Itemized Breakdown Review

1. Graphics – The graphics in MAG are sharp and clear and provide the virtual perception of 100% visibility. Many people have expressed that Killzone 2 or other games have better graphics but the precision of clarity and realistic lighting in maps as used in MAG inspired by places like Russia and Alaska allows you to see all the way to the other size of the map, even though the characters are smaller down the horizon as they would be in real life you can actually still see them in this game. You do actually get to use the entire size of the maps in MAG and you can kill somebody from hundreds of meters away because of the clarity in the graphics. Score: 9.5/10

2. Sound/Music – The THX Theater Certified music and sound effects in MAG are top of the line. Nothing to complain about in this category. Score: 10/10

3. Gameplay – The only thing gamers might find tedious about MAG is a bit too much running in some of the smaller modes with no vehicles. Score: 9.8/10

4. Party/Invite System – The party/invite system works great!!! It is practically flawless, the first shooter in the past few years that works properly, right away, and robust and reliably. No party and joining glitches such as Modern Warfare 2’s problems. The success of the Party/Invite system can be attributed to dedicated server structure and the 5 betas which were used to work out bugs in the system. Score: 10/10

5. Dedicated Servers – This is a trend I would like to see much MUCH more games follow! The dedicated server system in Warhawk was good but ahead of its time. MAG takes the dedicated server structure a step further and the end result is a truly amazing FPS experience. Score: 10/10

6. List of Known Bugs (if any) – So far there is a small amount of cheaters in the MAG game. Because of the way the dedicated servers in MAG intelligently test your fire rate and reload rate and things like this at random to keep track of your bandwidth, the game will also be able to get rid of/ prevent people from cheating. One other inconvenience that will hopefully be changed soon is that to see the names in your teammates on other squads you need to be aiming at them very precisely. In the heat of battle asking a guy for help on proximity chat would be much easier if those teammates not on your squad had their names as large as your squad mate’s names and always displayed. Given the fact that Modern Warfare 2 has much more problems with cheaters and actual matchmaking bugs, I think this is not very bad as its MAG’s worst issue.

7. Compelling Reasons to Buy MAG (even if you already like a shooter you have) – 256 Players! Newest, biggest First Person shooter in gaming history! Gigantic state of the art maps with strategic value, live animation, and the sound of the battlefield are completely realistic. Tactical Shooting superior to many mindless killing and camping games out there! You actually get to ride in the helicopter without having to camp first and kill 20 people.

8. Replay Value – I personally can predict my replay value being greater then the previous 6 games I’ve purchased in this genre. Because of the amount of people involved in this epic proportion game, I don’t see it as a problem trying to play MAG with some one years from now. The gameplay can change at any given moment because of tactical approach, player skill set, circumstances of the battle, and more. Re-Spec feature allows players to completely re-tailor their character using the skill points they have earned throughout their career in the field various times as they earn Re-Spec points while playing. When players reach level 60 they can also use Veteran mode to roll over into one of the other three factions, carrying over their accomplishments, stats, and many other achievements with them. In addition optionally using three different characters will extend the playability to a whole new level by experiencing the different weapons sets and graphics of each different faction! Score: 9.5/10

Review Scores Summary:

Graphics - Score: 9.5/10
Sound/Music - Score: 10/10
Gameplay - Score: 9.8/10
Replay Value - Score: 9.5/10
Party/Invite System - Score: 10/10
Dedicated Servers - Score: 10/10
Overall - Score: 9.5/10

©Images Copyright to Sony Computer Entertainment and Zipper Interactive
All trademarked properties belong to their respective owners.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Upcoming Must Buy Games

So in my apartment, across from the kitchen there's a white board. That whiteboard has a special section, games I want to get.

If you were to look at my board, right now there's 5 games, 2 of which haven't been released yet. These are my must buy games.

The first of these games is Heavy Rain. Coming out on February 23rd, you can see our trailer review here. Calling this a game is a little like calling F1 racer a car. While technically true, this description doesn't really give you the whole picture. Heavy Rain is a playable movie and the first game to really embrace that aspect of gaming.

The other big game is Battle Field Bad Company 2. I'd like to highlight one passage from the Amazon review:
Destruction 2.0. Take down entire buildings, create firepoints or blow it up entirely. In Battlefield Bad Company 2 there is be no place to hide.
While there hasn't been a trailer review on here, I've talked about GameStop exclusives.

I'm keeping an eye on several other upcoming games, such as Valkyria Chronicles 2, but I don't have enough information to recommend anything else at this time.

Oh and for the other 3 games on my board? I'm just waiting for a price drop on Wii Sports Resort, Brütal Legend and Uncharted 2.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WTF - BFBC2 Gamestop MP Mode

So I had the privilege of playing Battle Field Bad Company 2 during the PS3 beta. While I cannot say more than that (EULAs suck!) @mittense brought to my attention the whoring out of game modes. In the past retailers such as GameStop and Best Buy have had pre-order exclusives. Hell, they have enough purchasing power, that they can demand special prices and favors from game publishers. I mean it is their job to squeeze out the Mom and Pop game shops because they can then demand higher prices from consumers and control the publishers better.

Up to this point, the items have been costumes or special weapons for single player mode, they haven't limited the game play. Yes it affects the few of us who absolutely must have everything, the fanatics but for the general player, meh. But as Bob Dylan said, "The times, they are a changing".

GameStop, Best Buy and their pre-ordering system represents an immediate threat to gamers. Not because it is causing people in your community to loose their jobs. Not because they charge obscene prices and give back a pittance in trade in. It is because we have already given these companies far too much power in our entertainment and our lives.

Take for example the pre-order system. Let's say I pre-order BFBC2, from GameStop. Now I'm locked into buying from them, even if my local game shop comes up with a better deal.

Some gamers may not be too keen on that idea. So, instead of competing with the local game shop, GameStop went to the publisher to limit competition. And like the little kid bullied by for his lunch money, the publishers relent. I mean if GameStop won't carry their game, imagine the loss of audience. And just like a bully, once they get a little bit, they start asking for more. I expect in the not too distant future GameStop to demand that multiplayer mode on new games only be for GameStop pre-orders.

Let me be clear, I do not begrudge the workers at GameStop, but the management is trying to harm all of us.

This has to stop. And the best way to stop it is to vote with your money. If you've pre-ordered BFBC2 from GameStop, cancel it. If someone offers you an invite to the 'Squad Rush Mode' reject it. Not only boycott the store, but the game mode as well. Support your local game shop. Take a stand now, because if you don't you won't have a leg to stand on later.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome, People from DualShockers

So after a month of horse trading, back room deals and a pint of goat's blood it is finally official. Full Frontal Gaming is part of the DualShockers' blog roll. (Okay, so it really wasn't that bad.)

I for one would like to welcome our new gaming overlords as well as any visitors from DualShockers.

5 More Games You Wish You Had

Uncharted 3, Infamous 2, Starhawk, Killzone 3, Resistance 3!!!
(Plus Uncharted 2 DLC Details)

With 2009 an overwhelming success for the PlayStation 3’s exclusive lineup there was no doubt in my mind that we would soon be hearing about more and more amazing exclusives. With Uncharted 2 holding down the Game of the Year crown jewel of gaming awards last year, it’s no surprise that Naughty Dog is hard at work getting the new Uncharted 2 DLC released!

Beginning with the***1/28/10---UPDATE NOT FREE $4.99*** Heroes pack users will be able to play in multiplayer matches as Nathan Hale (from Resistance 2), Chimera (Resistance 2), Zeke (from Infamous), Good Cole (Infamous), Evil Cole (Infamous), Sergeant Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko (Killzone 2) and Helghast Soldier (from Killzone 2). In addition to this free download pack expected to arrive in PlayStation Store on January 28th there is also a mysterious two more DLC packs being released which have not been completely detailed accurately yet but are expected to include more multiplayer maps and possibly Uncharted 1 playable characters as well as a new co-op mode.

As if this WASN’T ENOUGH to be excited about. Voice actor Nolan North, who has stated numerous times that he wants to work for Uncharted 3, is telling the media that ‘2010 will be a busy year’. Insiders speculate that Uncharted 3 has begun development, while nothing Naughty Dog says is quieting these rumors. On top of this Co-Lead Game Designer Neil Druckman has said Uncharted 3 will be graphically optimized significantly.

Next order of business, securing the future for PlayStation owners it seems a no brainier that rumors and press stirrings of Infamous 2 are erupting all over the place. When I called in Kotaku Blog Talk Radio to ask Amy Hennig about multiplayer in games she told me she fully expects more games such as Infamous to be given multiplayer segments. This seems also like a no brainier, but that does not lower the magnitude that we will possibly be seeing a multiplayer-enabled Infamous 2 in stores soon! Regardless of the multiplayer being added or not I think we can all agree Infamous 2 will be a PS3 Exclusive everyone will talk about.

Beyond these amazing franchises that made their debut on the PlayStation 3 and continue to grow stronger. We also have a major possibility that a certain crew who made Warhawk a household name again is working on possibly the most incredible online game of all time, the much rumored and anticipated Starhawk.

Another game that has come from other PlayStation systems to the PS3 and is advancing at a rapid rate now is Killzone. With Killzone 2 in January we saw room for improvement but a damn good game, some say the best! Guerilla Games has been rumored to be working hard on Killzone 3 and it should be no surprise. This is according to Official PlayStation Magazine rumors that I’d bet are leading us on to something true. While it seems the team has said Sony is not pressuring them for a 2010 release date, we can surely be excited for a new Killzone in either 2010 or 2011!

And how can I forget, perhaps the most official rumored exclusive of them all, Resistance 3. A billboard ‘showed up’ early in Louisiana recently showing off the new ad campaign of Resistance 3 already in effect. Perhaps this is the first out the gate for Sony’s next round of exclusives? As if our wallet's aren't being damaged enough by Heavy Rain, God of War 3, Final Fantasy 13, Gran Turismo 5, we now have a whole new lineup of some of gaming’s most incredible franchises that are making history on the PlayStation 3.

If even half of these rumors are true that means that gaming as we know it is about to advance in major ways. There are your new Five games you wish you had : Uncharted 3, Infamous 2, Starhawk, Killzone 3, and Resistance 3 about to take gaming by storm! Now all you need is a time machine and/or some type of Skeleton Key for Sony Beta Signup Forms!!!


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Edit: ***1/28/10--- UPDATE: Uncharted 2 DLC Heroes Pack NOT FREE $4.99***
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