Friday, November 13, 2009

Trailer Review - Final Fantasy XIII

Once again it is time for a trailer review. This time it's the new hotness known as Final Fantasy XIII. They decided that title fit on the box better than "Consume Every Free Moment of Time in My Life for the Next Three Months."

After the requisite title screen we get a nice intro from our MC for this trailer.

Next we get a little information about the characters, first comes the heroine, lighting.

Next is snow. At this point I'm wondering which character will be "Heavy Drizzle".

Then they seem to break from the theme with a spice like name, Vanille (Extract?).

Finally, we're introduced to Hope. Wait, I thought someone else brought us hope, with change we can believe in.

Like it says, he's sensitive. Don't make fun of his weight, he'll start pouting in the corner. Once again they say they changed the battle system. To me it looks like an incremental improvement.

Finally, we get to the explosions. It seems every trailer needs one of these.

The battle commands stack up and are removed right to left as your players beat on those nasty beasts.

The next image is why I say this is an incremental improvement. They still have the same hand pointer that's been used for years. You mean you couldn't find a better way of highlighting the command yet?

Of course there's riding the bird. I'm surprised PETA hasn't taken Square-Enix down.

Finally, the piece everyone was waiting for, a release date for the US.

So time for the scores.
  • Explosions - Yes
  • Game Play - Yes
  • Pre-rendered Video - Yes
  • See the trailer - Yes
  • Overall Rating 13/15
  • Buy, Rent or Skip the game - Buy (for now)

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