Sunday, November 15, 2009

Heavy's Thought on Gaming

As a Full time Automotive technician, Father and husband I don't have a
great deal of time to play games. My time at home is very precious to me
(Que: Golim saying that word). I run a Warhawk Server every week
(MAXIMUMSOAP -9pm ET Monday's) because I know that is a game that
I enjoy very much.

I may be jumping the gun a little here .. let's back up and go with a bit of history

I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember,
Atari 2600 .. to Coleco Vision ... a Nintendo or two ... Sega's systems
(genesis w/32x and CD) ... Orig. Playstation, Xbox, Playstation 2,
playstation 3, Xbox 360 and lets not forget the Wii .... Had a bunch
of systems and hundreds upon hundreds if not thousands
of games. Playing games was a Big part of my childhood and is
still a part of my life as an adult. I have two wonderful children
(13yr & 9yr) a very awesome wife , couple dogs snake and they
are the bulk of my existence. So when it comes to playing a game
I can't afford to put in hours upon hours just to be disappointed
or dislike games.

I have a luxury at work that my shop has WiFi and I own a computer
that I can surf on at my toolbox. In the past year or more I have had
moments when work has been very slow and I can watch gaming
vids, or talk to stalkers on twitter, troll through forums... but these
times are not a given. I have made purchasing mistakes in gaming
as I'm sure everyone has. Years ago I would have looked at a Sucky
Game purchase as a possible trade to a friend or maybe someday
I'll play it again. ... Now this same Sucky game purchase is lost Money
the same feeling I get with Bad service and food at a restaurant, or a
broken new in Box item from a Store... the restaurant can sometime
be salvaged with a discount, or the fact that you don't tip as well ..
Haha Mr. Sucky waiter - Take that. The broken item can sometimes
be exchanged or maybe returned to buy something else. the Game
on the other hand, retuning it is like a cop out... it's feels like saying
this Game beat me feels Dirty .. it feels kinda wrong ...

Basically what I'm sorta Saying is as i get Older and the Games get
better at looking good in trailers and game play vids. It becomes
harder for me to go out and purchase a Game brand new on release day.

Sometimes I think .. why not just rent it first, or wait a Month or two
and read some reviews maybe buy it used for half price ???

Gaming in these times becomes, for me, a lot less about the New
and improved and A lot more about -

My time is worth a lot -
Can this "Game" meet my GOML

Anyone that has a different view should feel free to tell me how "Wrong" I am

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