Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trailer Review - Modern Warfare 2

What is a trailer review?

Since this is the first one I feel an introduction is in order. As it stands now, there's a better chance of winning the Powerball than getting a game early to review here, so instead we here at Full Frontal Gaming will be reviewing the latest trailers and telling you which ones to watch. Oh and don't take this too seriously, this meant to be fun.

Onward to the review!

Call of Duty 6 - Modern Warfare 2

Producer - Infinity Ward

This trailer starts off showing a smart bomb camera going down, transitioning into a pre-rendered explosion of a building. Next you see guys getting into Humvees and manning the minigun on top. The vehicular scenes continue blowing up what looks to be houses in suburbia America. There's a flash of an airport and then back to suburbia where you see houses on fire.

As this jumbled train wreck of pre-rendered video continues you see helicopters taking off, characters fighting in the tundra, scuba diving, guys fighting with night vision googles and people reloading their guns. Finally it seems we get to our first look at non pre-rendered video but still no actual game play.

It appears to be a squad defending an airfield against terrorists. Followed by a tunnel collapsing on you and your fellow squad members.

Despite the fact that all you've seen are jumbled images put to music the trailer continues on to rocket launcher on pillars and then back to snow mobiles on the tundra. After you watch the snow mobiles explode you see guys launching rockets from a castle and guys using a riot shield to deflect bullets. Back to the airfield, suburbia, and then outer space as you watch a space station blow up.

Once the second of space video is done, on to the jet skis and then the airport again. The repetition continues until you see a guy with green flares. Start the explosion scenes. You see at least three helios go down, with big explosions. Then the cut back to the title.

Overall, I say skip the trailer it'll only confuse you.
  • Explosions - Yes
  • Game Play - No
  • Pre-rendered Video - Yes
  • See the trailer - No
  • Overall Rating 6/10
  • Buy, Rent or Skip the game - Buy

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  1. Well, I believe the trailer did what it was intended to do. It seemed to be made on the presumtion that most players in the target audiance had already played a COD game of some sort at some point. With that being the case, focused atention was put into the Story line and visual effects included with this Newest addition to the series. I think that by playing multiple pre-rendered Vids instead of watching one guy run around shooting or completing ingame tasks it makes for a higher expectation of the game. this can only mean one thing - the game must be above everything else ever "." .. The vid was done well to leave you wanting more.


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