Saturday, August 14, 2010

PlayStation Move Will Only Cost Me $180, And I’m Buying All of It

PlayStation Move, what can we say about this device yet to release? Well if you have been following the news lately there is a lot to be said. The accuracy of this device is arguably the best ever seen in a motion gaming solution. Tech demos like THIS have brought us a peek into the future of what Move will bring but E3 2010 has also shown us what is already in the works such as Socom 4. Some things change, some things stay the same. E3 2010 opened eyes about motion gaming and brought new thoughts on the Move as people realized that this is not just another gimmick, including us.

I once had doubts about motion gaming being accurate and about its relevance to gaming, until I saw it add to gaming I had to assume this would just be another broken promise from a gaming giant over-stretching itself to try and cover every aspect of gaming technology they could. I was wrong, and the proof is in the pudding as they say. Move brought the heat and now I’m here to tell you why I have no issue putting down the big bucks to jump in.

First off, yes PlayStation Move kind of sneakily becomes a Trojan horse for gamers, starting off with an initial investment of just $50, for those of us who already have the PlayStation Eye camera, and about double that for those who do not. This seems quite reasonable and initially I defended the PlayStation Move’s accusers who told me “It will cost about $180″, at first I did not believe this or see it this way at all. The reason is because it will only cost that much if you want the maximum experience. You can very easily jump in for $50 if you already have the PS Eye, using your DualShock 3 in place of the Navigation controller and all. If you do not already have a PS Eye you are really behind as it is and will get plenty of value from it, but it turns out many folks slept on this webcam and do not own one yet.

PlayStation Move Sports Champion Gladiator

The full PlayStation Move experience (and when I say full I mean best) will require you to own two PS Move Motion controllers, one Navigation controller, a PS Eye, and you might as well grab the Sports Champions bundle for part of this if you are going all out because it’s about the same price if you don’t. Check out what we thought about Move after L.A. in this Life After E3 segment and that was eye opening to the before and after effect that Move’s perception had undergone.


Source: [DualShockers]

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