Thursday, November 19, 2009

Clan Support on PSN

For a long time now I have wondered why Sony has not created a Clan System for the PSN. Currently having a game clan on the PS3 is more than a chore to keep up with let alone manage via PSN Message system and Clan Websites. If only Sony would create a simple application to maintain a Clan Roster (not tied to Friends List) with a few simple features would be a good start.

• Clan Admin Panel (add & remove members, ect ect)
• Clan Roster
• Clan Message System
• 1 Clan max per PSN ID
• Clan Profile (Info and Roster viewable by public)

And always great to have...
• Event Calendar (With Message Notifications)
• Member Rankings (Co-Leader, Capt and so on)
• Game Divisions (member subrankings per division)

This is just something I have thought "This would be great to have" for the past few years. I am sure there are other features that would be great to toss in but I feel the above would be a great starting ground.

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