Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Avoiding Heavy Rain Spoilers - *SPOILER FREE*

So I'm convinced that Heavy Rain will be an awesome game. So much so I actually pre-ordered the game, something I don't normally do. With approximately 13 days to go until I have the game in hand, avoiding spoilers is a little harder than normal.

First there's the Demo. While I'd love to get my hands on the game early, the demo has to give away some of the story. Even if it is just the first chapter, it would only drive me nuts later on.

Second, the trophy list. Almost all the trophies for this game are hidden trophies. Why? Well the trophies are based on the story line. Thus the trophy list its self is a spoiler, once it is populated.

So if you're like me and want to enjoy the entire story line, I'd strongly recommend skipping the demo/trophy list. Remember, what is seen cannot be unseen.


  1. Very interesting, thank you for the good advice.

  2. Nicely stated Guardian_Bob
    I also find myself trying to avoid the ever growing youtube spoilers. It also makes it very hard being as how just about every single Gaming site in the world is building it up and telling everyone where to get the latest Video or Game play Clip.
    No matter, we will all find out soon enough what I have already uncovered

    .... Miss Scarlet in the Library with the candle stick

    Sorry to spoil everything


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