Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trailer Review - Heavy Rain

For years, video games have relied heavily on movie like aspects. For example, Wing Commander over a decade ago had professional voice and character actors. That said, while this undertone existed none have really embraced their movie like quality. Heavy Rain is set to break that barrier, by ushering in a new type of game. Think choose your own adventure meets Hollywood.

So, finally acknowledging their movie roots, the Heavy Rain trailer plays more like a movie trailer than a game trailer. We start out with narration from one of the main characters. I say one, because this game has 4 main characters.

The antagonist in this game is a serial killer, known as the Origami Killer. He has taken a boy, and the narrator is that boy's father. While none of this is explained by the trailer, you need to have this background to understand what is going on. Que the shot of the boy and his father.

Of course the whole family has to be involved.

If you're like me, you'll recognize that this film style seems to be in vouge right now, showing several angles a the same time.

Although it doesn't show it, use of the motion control and quick time events are required to "watch/control" this movie. A main character can even die, and the story will continue skipping that character in future chapters. Que the diving save.

The story line appears intense and the characters draw you in, even in the trailer. This is more than just a movie, you want to save the child.

This game looks great from everything I've seen. It is done by a French gaming comapany Quantic Dream.

Word of warning though, this is rated M and does include nudity. Games are pushing the edge of the ratings finally, but that's another post.

So time for the scores.
  • Explosions - No
  • Game Play - Yes & No (Game is all about the video)
  • Pre-rendered Video - Yes (But that's the whole game)
  • See the trailer - Yes
  • Overall Rating 14/15
Buy, Rent or Skip the game - Buy (for now)

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