Friday, March 26, 2010

Warhawk Tournament

Earlier today, Dylan Jobe, president of Lightbox Interactive (and former member of Incognito Entertainment, developers of Warhawk), announced a new tournament on the PlayStation Blog.

In Dylan's post he said "Many of us here in the States have been spending way too much time staring at our brackets so we’re opting not to do a traditional 'bracketed' tournament based on teams or clans. Instead, we’re going to make this competition more accommodating of the individual player by hosting special Capture the Flag Servers that players can join and play on. These servers will have their stats tracked separately for the duration of the competition, specifically Points earned ...  [and] the top 50 players that have earned the most Points on these designated servers will win the competition."

Now, this tournament is obviously designed to get players to return to Warhawk, so that the announcement of Dylan's next project (unofficially named 'Starhawk') will reach more people. 

But so far it doesn't appear to be working.

Many people are disappointed. Several years ago the Global Gaming League hosted an Official tournament, and everyone on the winning team was rewarded with a "champions blade."

This competition will end much the same. The winners will receive a champions blade (exactly like the 2007 GGL one) ManlyMisfit, a Warhawk General who has been playing for some time, said "Umm… I already have a champions blade… This 'tournament' is a good idea. But you SHOULD NOT give out the champions blade again. Simply because the majority of people WITH a champions blade would come back to warhawk IF the prize was worth it."

Another user, chemicalgroom, voiced his opinion, saying "Count me among the disappointed. It’s a team-based game; having a tournament that rewards individuals with the most points on an aggregate basis simply encourages video-game addicted lunatics to do whatever they can to steal kills and flag captures from teammates." Then he continues " Your no.1 player will be a well-known racist and homophobe who plays 24/7 and exploits a known glitch that you never fixed. Will you have your picture taken with him, Dylan?"

What really needs to be with this game is a patch. This game is full of glitches, and if fixed, many players would race back. Dylan has claimed in the past that Sony is in control of whether they can release a patch, and that they have denied them several times.

To me, this tournament seems to be a poorly constructed advertising technique that rewards players that live in their mother's basement and cheat  play for 20+ hours a day.

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