Friday, November 25, 2011

StarHawk Corner - Spacing Out


So this is the second in the series of maps for ground combat. While Acid Sea has a few places to harvest rift, right now space has the mother lode.


So here's the map:

So here I've shown:
  1. The repair tool
  2. Rifle ammo
  3. More rifle ammo
  4. Still more rifle ammo (bottom level and top level)
  5. Mines (top level only)
  6. 2 barrels
  7. 2 barrels
  8. 3 barrels (top level)
  9. 2 barrels (top level)
  10. 2 barrels (top level)
  11. 3 barrels (top level)
  12. 3 barrels


Spawn at point A and hit those two barrels. You'll be up to 4 pips of rift energy if you get both of them. Run to point B and climb up the ladder. Try to drop a pod beacon (aka outpost) at point C grabbing the mines.

If you fail to take C use points 6, 7, 10, 11, 12 to get rift energy and drop a pod beacon on point D. Use the aim on the rifle for points 11 and 12, and slow down your fire. Attempt to take point C as it a key to victory here. Once you have C hit up points 8, 9, 10, 11 for a total of 5 pips of rift each time. They respawn fast enough you won't have to wait long to fill your bar up. Place a bunker, etc at point C.

If/when you die at point C (with the pod beacon still up, attempt to land at point E. Place a pod beacon between the two towers for protection. This will allow you to basically spawn on the enemies flag. Because the map is symmetrical, this works for both teams.

Did you know

Today's did you know comes from @DeadSpider.
  • Did you know that the sniper rifle has two levels of zoom? Hit L1 to use the scope and R3 to zoom in further

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