Tuesday, November 29, 2011

StarHawk Corner - Being a SeaHawk

Acid Sea

So today we'll finish up the map series for now. Let's get right to it:


This map has the same legend as the last one, red H for health, yellow H for homing missile, purple S for swarm missiles and green M for mines. Not shown is the second group of homing missiles, but the map is symmetrical.

Did you know?

  • Did you know you can zoom in on the spawn map. Press up on the right stick to zoom in, down to zoom out.
  • Did you know that a beam turret links to the walls? Works great for filling in those gaps.
  • Did you know you can't use a jet pack if you have the flag? Drop a garage or you might be walking back home.
  • Did you know the walls have ladders, but upgraded walls don't? Be careful in placement, otherwise they are useless against troops. The side towards you during placement always has the ladder.
  • Did you know that walls have a place for auto turrets but upgraded walls do not? Use care in upgrading.

RSS Feed and Yahoo Alerts

I've been informed that Yahoo alerts won't work on the main site's RSS feed. As such, the URL you should use for all the latest FFG StarHawk News is: http://fullfrontalgaming.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default/-/Starhawk?alt=rss

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