Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yellow Light Of Doom vs Red Ring Of Death

So, when the PS3 has a problem, you'll see the Yellow Light Of Doom. Similarly when the XBox360 has a problem you'll see the Red Ring Of Death. As for the Wii, I haven't heard what it does when it fails.

Both Microsoft and Sony have had problems with their next generation consoles. I keep seeing posts saying that every 60 GB PS3 has been put in for repair. The XBox360 isn't much better as I've had a co-worker go through 3 XBox360's due to the Red Ring Of Death.

So here's my anecdotal evidence. I have a 60 GB backwards compatible 1st generation PS3. I have 2 co-workers with the same model. None of them have shown the YLOD. I also have a 2nd gen 40 gig PS3, which performs like a champ. I've personally logged hundreds if not thousands of hours running my 60 GB PS3. While I've had online friends experience the YLOD, no reports from my co-workers.

On the other hand, the XBox360 hasn't been so lucky. Multiple co-workers have reported the RROD. As I said earlier, one co-worker has experienced this multiple times.

Furthermore, it is obvious that Sony has done something about the failing PS3s. While not 100% effective, the redesign seems to have quelled the uprising caused by failures.

The XBox360 on the other hand, shows no redesign. It may have happened and I'm not aware of it, but it seems like they would want to change the form factor as well to better address heat issues.

I don't know, it seems to me, while Microsoft has made strides to correct their design flaws externally (offering a repair program), Sony went and addressed the root cause (re-designing the hardware to prevent issues in the first place).

As for those with a broken disc reader on their PS3, it does suck that Sony isn't offering a repair program like Microsoft. And for anyone in that situation, I really feel for ya.


  1. Want to trade 60gb's? Back in March of '09 my baby [60gb PS3] YLOD'ed on me. Roughly 6mo later I sent it in to to repair. It was so nice to get my baby back but it was no longer Backward Compatible anymore [odd huh] :/

    Just a few weeks ago or so my baby decided it was no longer going to read disc *sigh* I am not sure if I will send it somewhere for repairs or not just yet. Sorta sucks because the amount of Disc based games and BR Movies just going to waste.

    But I want to add... out of the people I know in RL with PS3's.... all have YLOD'ed.

  2. I recently sold my 60gb PS3 through Ebay for $325 and purchased a PS3 120gb Slim. I am liking it a lot!

    Out of the people I know in real life most have no idea what a YLOD is and have never had a ps3 die on them.

    In the one YLOD Issue I had Sony sent me a refurbished unit for $150 that had the Blu-Ray drive die 100 days later (10 days after the 90day refurb warranty ran out).

    I convinced them to do another swap for free and sold the unit they sent back to me to buy a PS3 Slim. Since then I have had a much better time on PS3 overall.

  3. Also to add the PS3 that had YLOD'd on me did so after 2.5 years of nonstop gaming. I even dropped this thing on hard cement the first day I got it and continued to play fine for the entire span of it's life.

  4. I only know of two (2) players personally that have had Console failures and both were XBOX360's .. The Only fault I have seen personally with a PS3 is the Disc reading, This was from a "friend" that stored his PS3 in a Non temperature controlled storage facility for a year and a half - so I couldn't quite blame the PS3 for that failure... I have a 40GB standard PS3 that I purchased long ago and have never had any problems (besides running out of room). The New "Slim" that I purchased months ago is running perfect. I guess I the players in MD that I know have been lucky. I also Own a Xbox360 (very seldom play) and a Wii (family games) but have not had issues out of either one.. I guess by posting I have ruined my good fortune and all will fail within the next week or so


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