Friday, January 22, 2010

DyanJobe's Tweets - Starhawk?!?

So it was quick, a simple tweet:
@DylanJobe: One of our AI programmers today admitted he listens to "Dangerzone" while coding flight AI -- Awesome!
For those who don't know, Dylan Jobe is the public face of Warhawk. He left to start his own studio, LightBox Interactive and has been working on "Super Rub A Dub 2", or so he claims. In the mean time Sony has registered the trademark "Starhawk" and even started a website.

But this tweet represents more information than we ever had before. It indicates that they are working on (though again, it may not make it to the final game) computer controlled flying objects.

I say flying objects because of the following tweets:

@DylanJobe: Yeah, it's gonna weird for people when the proof of Alien life is finally disclosed...
@DylanJobe: ... but weirder still when people realize "Greys" are more like robots than aliens.

Oh and there's this as well:
@DylanJobe: Am I really *that* crazy for preferring the visual results of simple sphere env maps over cube env maps?!?
While the context isn't given, one could draw a couple of different conclusions.
  1. DylanJobe believes aliens are out there (plausible)
  2. In the new game, there are aliens which you're fighting, and they look like robots right now.
Also the team isn't forgetting their Warhawk roots:
@DylanJobe: Whole studio is playing Warhawk at lunch -- it's good to keep the team calibrated.
Hopefully this means there will be a ground fighting in the new game. But I've gotten off track. The reason Flight AI is a "game changer" is because in Warhawk there wasn't any real AI. This indicates LightBox is working on computer controlled flying objects to play against. This strongly indicates a single player mode to the game. "Rock on!"

That said, this is just conjecture at the moment, but keep an eye out.

Oh and a final note, I can't make heads or tails out of this:
@DylanJobe: Unwatered rain spout.
I suspect that he's just screwing with our heads. So take all of this with an appropriate amount of salt (about 1 ton should do it).

HEAVY7666 - Dylan Jobe is one to Riddle everything in his own mind .. this may mean that everything he says and "tweets" may in fact be of some relivance or importance ?!? .. The funny thing about the entire process for me is to look back and see certain things that are said (via Twitter) and wonder if Maybe ..just Maybe , His Dog has a Role in the New "Project" .. aka - Starhawk or Super-rub-a-dub 2 :the return of Ducky ... Only time will tell

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