Thursday, December 1, 2011

StarHawk Corner - Being Sneaky

Sneaky Uses for Things

There are some tricks people should try out. These come from the space map. The first is a set of platforms under the map. Grab a jetpack and go for them. You can sneak across the map into the enemy base without drawing a lot of attention.

Three hops and you should be grabbing their flag.

Just know you can't use the same way out.
Additionally, in Space you can land on the asteroids. Why might you want to become a sitting duck?

To plant some mines of course. Throw them all around, and then get out of there.

These tips come from Seventy_X_Seven and LeatherHeart respectively. Also MadProffeser points out you can land your hawk in a couple of places under space, so you can use your repair tool.

1.0.5 Update

Yesterday saw another new release from LBI. Those guys can churn out builds. The major changes were to limit the range of the shotgun while increasing the range of the rifle. Accuracy and spread of the rifle were not affected. This leads some players to complain the wrong portion was changed; however, it would be best to wait for hard numbers to confirm or deny the effects of this change.

Did you know

  • Did you know that on the Acid Sea bridges, there are two levels? Not sure what it is useful for yet, except avoid jeeps/detection
  • Did you know you can't jump out of a flying hawk, even in mech mode? You'll get a can't dismount prompt
  • Did you know the first bullet of a rifle burst is always dead center? Just wait long enough between bursts to have it trigger
  • Did you know the rifle does more damage against the head? Pop off a few rounds, and check it out.
  • Did you know the rifle is fairly effective against the auto turret? Make sure you wait between bursts, and aim for that red light.
  • Did you know the jetpack has limited fuel? Watch it and don't run out!
  • Did you know you can't auto scrub missles in the warning phase? Even changing into a mech won't scrub them. The only way to get rid of them is to dump a flare or have them hit something else.

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