Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sony May Have to Pay For Removal of OtherOS (At Least in Finland)

Normally I don't publish news like this; however, I thought a little run down would be useful:

I ran across this article.

For those who just want he summary, basically the Finnish Consumer Board was looking at the OtherOS removal mess. Sony claimed because the user agreed to the new EULA, they could do anything they wanted. The board said, that EULAs can't remove rights given by law.

Right now this is only a recommendation, but he board wants Sony to pay consumers 100 euros to everyone who had this feature. The PS3 sold for 265 euros to give a perspective of how much this is. Over 1/3rd the original purchase price.

This ruling is not legally binding, but it will be considered by the actual court case. I gotta say, I agree with the Finnish Board here.

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